Right then… its been a while and a lot has happened, Family shit and illness. Slotted into nice routine doing gardening and building no creative stuff really and health is mainly just my physical workload. Eldest married now and we have a wonderful grand daughter. Gonna climb a mountain next week


All change again

Just about to pull the trigger on a course at the Lyme boat building academy. All is settling down now and a plan is sort of emerging from the chaos of work and stuff. Knee has been playing me up, which is odd because i’ve never suffered with those, otherwise fit and well31yrswed


Browsing round noticed I haven’t made an entry for months! since then gardened and taught quite a bit, slower winter but installed new kitchen and wood floors downstairs, sorted front porch and rear conservatory, new glass. Work room finished and loo tarted up so house is pretty much done. just need to sort chicken run out and finish raised beds…. busy busy busy.

First Job

So this week we did our first gardening job! Knackered! My mission to be 50 and fitter than I ever was in my desk job days is beginning. This is a great little garden, well, big actually, for a second home owner who is easy going and a good payer – the spring clean wil be followed by a day a month to keep on top of things. We’ve been round posting flyers, no more calls as yet but as people’s thoughts turn to their gardens this can only pick up, we need to get local and known, and this is an organic process of time and nurture! Some of the seeds don’t get going, others flourish and generate more work. 

Speaking organic, the seasonal work is picking up and we are off to the very local organic farm later to talk about holiday let turnovers – this farm was one of the first members of the Soil Association and farms a big tract along the coastal belt above the Chesil, its half a mile from us here so brilliant on the eco-impact front. 

The first seeds are also sown for our garden farm in our orchard. They are sitting in the sun in the conservatory at the back of the house. I am keeping a close eye on germination, particularly after the fabulous weather we had yesterday here, warm and sunny, we even had our lunch break sitting on Hive Beach! The next big job is to make the raised beds, which is going to be quite a task, so we can begin growing operations. Photos and updates to follow! 

Busy busy again

Struggling to write a comment these days, musn’t grumble though. still doing the fire stuff and chest humb saturday’s. problem is we’re not getting on with our core job of creating stuff for garden business. Fire is done now and getting on with veg garden. Got some wood from sawmill which is great and bought some antiques for here and there in the house. Got to go…. dr’s, job to look at, portland for mirror, b&q paint, dog walk then veg plot. 

We love the beach….


My trips to the beach here are really inspiring my creativity – I love the colours and the textures and the dynamic, changing scenery. The shoreline is a shifting, liminal place where sea and land mix in a strange point of exhilaration. Where we live, above the great Chesil Bank, we have heard the turn and tow for nights now as the pebbles are tossed in the big waves. Yesterday in particular was a very rough day, with high winds and great big seas, so the effect this morning was to clean the shingle down to a smooth grit, easier for walking on and for collecting sea glass, my favourite find, though they are worn down tiny here at this end of the Chesil, so you have to watch out carefully! There are several cairns of flotsam along Cogden Beach, or what I prefer to think of as shrines, one…

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Another job now in Dorset and working with a couple of heating specialists. I also got the job I went for last week and started last saturday, it’s pretty good and great working back in the real world of we need this doing, right I can do that, rather than the training courses, meetings, corporate stuff, civil service etc etc anyway, lovely spot, second home pile with great garden, wonder if they want a gardener.